About this blog


the whole damn fam on a bike

What  on earth is this blog about?

This blog is about a family aiming for sustainability in the suburbs using kids on bikes, gardening lazily, solar/rain harvesting, making and fixing stuff… We have a go at it, and we thought we might have some ideas worth sharing…


bit soft, but taking two kids is spacious on a Yuba

Who on earth would write this ridiculous drivel?

I would! I am the man in the pictures and this blog is written by me. Just me. It’s my views only. (And I leave out all the bad stuff we do…)

What are we?

We are 4 humans living in inner-city Melbourne, Australia, Earth.

2 of us are fully grown humans.

2 of us are little humans.


we’re not in home-detention. That’s our tomato trellis

We like to ride bikes to places as much as we can. We like to grow food.

I like to fix things. We like shop at 2nd hand stores when we can.

We try to make ethical and sustainable choices in life.

Our little piece of jungle is surrounded by concrete. But we are making the concrete jungle, a little bit everyday.

Along the way, we have discovered, learned and investigated a few things we would like to share so you can make concrete, jungle, too.


touring with the boxy on the warburton-lilydale rail trail.

4 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Joao Grilo says:

    Hi there!
    Was looking for info on babaco and ended up on your blog. I was wondering if you could share a babaco cutting ( or 2 :-)) with me.
    Sorry for contacting you via the comments box.

    Looking forward to hear from you,


    • Hi Joao,
      Thanks for the interest in the blog.
      Unfortunately after that photo was taken, our babaco had a few wind damage issues and I had to cut the top off. I an now currently trying to get these cuttings going in the veggie patch. I’m afraid I don’t have a lot left to share as my tree is now pretty small. If you live in the brunswick area you could pop over and get a little cutting. Otherwise may I suggest CERES nursery or daleys nursery online?
      Let me know.

  2. Keep the good work to many families filter there kids through the societal system but growing your own food and riding your bikes are nature savers and I think that’s an important characteristic to instill in todays youth.

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