Kids on bikes: comparison chart and pros and cons of different types. BoxBikes, Longtails, bike seats, trailers. We have all of them. Here’s our comparison chart with pros and cons of each

6 ways we carry our kids pic


Ways we have carried kids on our bikes pros and cons table for blog



The Yuba’s “Towing Tray” (basically a slot in the platform you would usually rest your feet) is so handy for dropping bikes at the mechanic or taking the kids bikes to the park. Or stealing bikes if you’re into organised crime. I really want/need to see a Yuba towing a Yuba, towing a Yuba. I would like to be the first to do it, however if you have already done it, please send me photos.


On Yuba, it’s cool how the kids can all face forwards, face each other, all face backwards, or if they are sick of each other: back-to-back.

This link from the Yuba site but it seems pretty balanced too.


3 thoughts on “Kids on bikes: comparison chart and pros and cons of different types. BoxBikes, Longtails, bike seats, trailers. We have all of them. Here’s our comparison chart with pros and cons of each

  1. Oneill says:

    I’m looking at a box bike with an electric motor second hand. Is it crazy to buy a second hand modified bike you’ve never ridden? I have read that they are easy to ride, although in your comparison chart I noticed they are difficult to manoeuvre ( I believe you’re review was without a motor, however) What is your opinion of this? I have two children I would like to be able to transport without the car. We live seconds from the bike track and do not need to travel too great a distance.

  2. Hi there,
    Firstly, good on you for considering a boxbike! They are endless fun.
    There’s a few things to consider about your idea. Our electric boxbike was second hand. However we bought it from the owner of an e-bike business. As such we have after-purchase service. We have relied on this for a few things. One was a new battery which was pretty costly ($500 but will be ok for the lifetime of the bike). I’d have to say that I’d be wary of getting a 2nd hand e-bike without knowing where it was purchased from and knowing you could take it back there to be serviced. They are specialized pieces of equipment and currently there aren’t heaps of service places. However that will change as they soon take over Australia!
    On the ride ability aspect of your query, it would depend on what exact boxbike you’re looking at. 3 wheelers are easy to ride slowly but can be tricky on tight paths and hills. Top level 3 wheelers are much easier to ride than cheapies. 2 wheelers are easier to ride faster and greater distances than 3 wheelers (and they are about the same width as a regular bike) however you need to be a reasonably experienced rider to be confident on them. The motor does make them easier to ride as they take off a bit faster (which is the moment when you feel most wobbly I suppose).
    So there’s a lot of variables. If you give me a bit more info about what type of bike (wheel number, brand, etc) and what type of environment you live in, I could be a bit more helpful!
    Happy biking!

  3. Just reading your post again, if you are v close to the bike track, without too many hills, a three wheeler could be perfect. They are v easy to ride, stable to get into and the motor would prob get it up any moderate hills no worries. Again, check where the bike came from and call them about servicing.

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