Garden tricks and ideas. How to be a LAZY GARDENER and still grow heaps

I’m a lazy gardener. I love it, but I ain’t got time for gardening all day when the natives are restless (and want to go for rides to the op-shop in the box bike).

So, I garden lazy.

Top tips for lazy gardeners:


these garden beds are made from old decking boards I found. Im just layering the straw, chook poo, compost and soil into them- no-dig style.

  1. Make all your gardens, no-dig gardens. It’s the laziest for of gardening, and the best!
  2. Plant perennials (ie. plants that don’t die after one season. My faves: rhubarb, asparagus, cape gooseberry, yacon, Jerusalem artichoke (if controlled to a contained area). Also, cane berries are easy, delicious and expensive in the shops. Best ones for homegardens include raspberries, blackberries (non-invasive varieties) and pretty much anything ending in ‘berry’. Try a cape gooseberry. Virtually unknown in Australia but our kids love them!

one of our 3 worm farms

3. Use worm farms (they are so easy. And the kids think they are awesomely gross-tastic).

4. Spread seeds regularly (like, every weekend. It takes about 14 seconds to do): They cost $4 a packet and you get heaps of plants out of it. It’s a no-brainer people. I find its best to spread seeds in a small area (say a foot sq) then thin out (transplant) the seedlings when they are big enough to move. I learnt this method from my Italian neighbour. She plants these “nurseries” all around her garden. It works.


an old yabby net covering the seeds while they get started


assorted wire baskets covering the newly sown seeds


5. Plant fruit trees. Get dwarf ones if you haven’t got much room. There are even teeny tiny dwarf ones available. Flemings is a good nursery for these. The best book on fruit trees in Melbourne is Louis Glowinski’s “The Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia”. If you live in Austraila, its awesome, if you live in Melbourne, it’s the bible of backyard fruit growing .



2 thoughts on “Garden tricks and ideas. How to be a LAZY GARDENER and still grow heaps

    • Hey there,
      In my experience, possum control comes down to 1) how much damage are they doing, 2) how extreme you want to go with controls.
      The best way to control possums is through a staged approach. Low effort/cost ideas include physical deterrents such as movement/light/noise makers (fake owls with glowing eyes, battery powered boxes that make light and sound, etc). Also old cupboard cages (the white ones that people use as cheap storage devices in cupboards) are great for protecting seedlings until they can fend for themselves. Safe chemical deterrents may be effective, ie”possoff”, snake urine etc., right through to possom traps (although releasing possums elsewhere cones with issues too. Some people even cage their entire garden. Start easy and work through the stages. Google other ideas, ask your Neighbours if they have problems too (sometimes they will have no problems because they have a great idea!). Also, sorry to get all earth-child about it, but an inclusive state of mind can help. Possums are natives to Australia (we aren’t!) and they are really beautiful and intriguing creatures. Do some youtubing about them and you might start to not worry as much about vegetable damage. There’s a great doco that was abc the other night about possums in Curtain Square park in Melbourne. Google it. Possums love trees so if you have possum issues, you obviously live in a lovely area. Embrace them (not literally)!

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