Grow a papaw in Melbourne. THE AMAZING BABACO! (ready to publish)

Babacos are a cool climate papaw that are extremely easy to grow, are pest free, are prodigious, fit into a small space and are delicious! They are self-fertile too, meaning they don’t even need a another babaco-friend to make fruit! They have a really long harvesting season too. The first ones arrive in November (you can see one yellowing at the bottom), and the last ones are dropping in March or even later!


fully loaded!

Here’s one of my gardening heroes, Angelo, talking about babacos…

Picture 9-03

The fruit of the Babaco tree (Carica pentagona) grow over several seasons, these have seen a whole winter, and will resume growth now that the new leaves have sprouted once again.  The babaco is ideally suited to container gardening and also excellent for greenhouses. The plant takes up very little space, and can be planted anywhere where there’s a bit of free space. It can fit nicely in many parts of the yard, and even though it will handle shady locations it prefer a sunny spot. The broad green leaves and vertically held fruit add an exotic touch to the garden. the fruit of the babaco has excellent keeping quality, it has a shelf-life of around four weeks without cold storage.

I have grown them from cuttings very easily. You just cut off a small branch, let it harden in the air for a few days, then plant in compost.


here are the fresh cutting drying out a bit in the sun before planting

You can also chop up the trunk into bits and do this to the bits.

What a remarkable fruit!!!


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