The 5 second method of fitting a bike in a car.

This method seems obvious but it only occurred to me a couple of years ago (which says more about me than anything I’m afraid…).

You can use this method for adult bikes but too but it works really well for getting kids’ bikes in the back of your car.

What you do:

simply loosen the but at the top of the stem tube (or it might be an allen key nut).



Then twist the loosened handlebars until they are 90′ the wrong way, making them in-line with the rest of the bike.

From this...

From this…


To this, in 5 seconds


If you were feeling energetic you could take the pedals off too. Or better still, train the owner of the bike to do it all themselves!

Don’t forget to straighten them firmly at the other end (damn, that’s another 5 seconds…).


How to remember where you planted your seeds: easy & free weatherproof plant labels

I used to always forget where I planted my seeds and even if I remembered where I planted them, I’d forget what type they were.

Until I discovered this cool method. It works well with seeds that come with their own little zip-lock bag but if they don’t, you find zip lock bags being turfed all over the place nowadays. I get mine 2nd hand, from my colleagues at work.

What you do is carefully removed the little zip lock bag from the paper seed packet.


This method is child’s play! (if that phrase means a kid will mess it up for you. Little miss has ripped the packet)


Sprinkle your seeds.


Fold up the paper seed packet so it fits into the ziplock bag (or another one you scammed off a mate at work). Keep the important details facing out.


Then I get a tent peg and impale it on that, to keep it off the ground and visible.

image image

The finished cos lettuce and carrot beds with 2 weatherproof labels ready to go!