How to get 3 times more indoor plants for your money.

How to split up a Peace Lilly

Buy a Peace Lilly.

This is one that is getting too big for its

This is one that came from a split a few years ago, but is getting too big for its pot

Take it out of the pot.


Loosen the roots.

Here's my 3 big self

Here’s my 3 big self-watering pots ready to go

Tear the roots upwards (don’t tear down from the green part of the plant as it can snap off the growing bits). I tore mine into thirds but you could tear it into tiny plants and sell them at a school fete or something….

Repot into the largest self-watering pots you can buy/fit in your house.


The finished product. They’ll lush-up in a month or two.



2 thoughts on “How to get 3 times more indoor plants for your money.

  1. Matt says:

    hey andy
    cool site. This is I think the 2nd blog I’ve ever read. No wait the 3rd. so, I’m pretty experienced and qualified to comment.
    thanks for the tips on how to triple my peace lillies. I have 2, both usually tettering between life and death as I forget to water them.

    by the way it is SO good to have box bike back. It seems to have survived riding through that insane downpour we had the other day which seemed mostly targeted on my face. I wasn’t really watching the road most of the time or really looking at all because the rain hurt my face when i looked up but fortunately the rain seemed to have washed away traffic so I was safe enough.

    If I could just squeeze a bed and my camp stove into the front box, I think I could live in my boxy. Which would mean sh!tting in a bucket but at least then I’d have something to fling at car drivers who cut me off.


    • Hey matt.
      You would not be the first boxbiker to dream of camping in the box!
      Do glad your still enjoying that beautiful machine. So unique!
      See you on the streets (and no flinging dung at me if I pass by!).

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