Growing your garden UP!

As you might know by now I am a lazy gardener. I blame my parents. They are both lazy gardeners too, and great at it!

If you don’t have much time to garden (and/or don’t have much space), garden upwards.


this zuchkin or pumpkini (cross between a zucchini and a pumpkin) is growing up our watertank-hiding bamboo screen.

Climbers like pumpkins, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini are easy to grow and love going up.


pumpkins going up the steel reo mesh

How to do it:

1. Get some old lattice or steel reinforcement mesh (you’ll find this in people’s hard rubbish or skips if you keep an eye out, and if another lazy gardener doesn’t get it first). Chicken wire strung between two stakes works too but I like how the steel reinforcement mesh (the kind they put down in concrete to keep it solid) is self-supporting and bendable into various shapes (arches are nice).


two pieces forming an a-frame

2. Set up the mesh in your garden. You can do a-frames, arches, straight walls at the end of a garden bed or down the middle of one.


beans, zucchini, asparagus and pumpkin all held up by the same piece of mesh. Little things grow underneath

3. Spread some nice compost from your worm farm or compost heap under the mesh. Plant some seeds at the base of the mesh, in the compost


4. Water every day or other day until the seedlings grow. Keep watering a fair bit if it is hot weather (or put a drip system in if you are really lazy like me. It is very easy to do. For instructions, see YouTube)

5. Prepare to wow your friends with uppity, jungle-ish garden, bursting into the sky with produce!


Are you a gardening nerd? If you are interested in the best, cheapest (ie. free) GARDEN TIES for your garden, you are.


this tie is holding up one of our trombone zucchinis.


a bunch of ties


here’s the tree. Please tell me what it’s called!


The best garden ties available are from this tree. Its a palm-like tree, possibly in the pandanus family. Anyone who knows what species it is and lets me knows gets a prize. The prize is 100 amazing, biodegradable (they breakdown after about 6mnths-perfect for whatever you are tying), totally natural, strong, knottable, splittable (into 10 ties from one blade-like leaf), inconspicuous (looks natural in the garden) garden ties, that are in a constant stream from the tree in our front yard.

This particular tree is very common in Melbourne, so next time you are walking along the footpath, keep your eyes open and you might just see some lying on the ground. They are awesome!