Growing gargantuan gaudy gourds


our gourds drying out in the sun. Not only do they look cool but they are blocking the summer sun from our front porch.


other cool object de art from the gourd family (and a couple of random aubergines)

Ever been game enough to grown a gourd? Go on, good golly, they’re great!

They are as easy to grow as a pumpkin. We used to grow ours at the base of a tree and just let it climb straight up, with gourds adorning it on the way up- like some sort of hippy-Christmas tree.

Once they are fully hardened off in a breezy and dry spot, they can be used as rattles, water containers, and about 17 other things. Some people even have the time to carve them into fantastical shapes.

They also make an awesome jack-o-lantern that can be used every year (and, unlike using a pumpkin, you don’t need to eat pumpkin soup for 23 days after making it.)

What’s 5 foot 10, bald, wears gumboots, hangs from trees, has facial tattoos and scares our neighbours?

If you said this small thing it the red t-shirt, you’re close…


nah, this one’s about 3 foot 2


not very sunsmart, Dawn

Dawn, our scarecrow, that’s who.

We made this cool scarecrow using an old wetsuit, a bail of straw, some old gumbys and some gloves. We also had an old head lying around (who doesn’t) which the kids painted a while back.


See? not a bird in sight!
(and none of our friends seem to visit anymore…)

How to make her:

1. get a wetsuit, from the 2nd hand shop

2. get some gloves from your shed and some old boots/shoes

IMG_6890 IMG_6889

3. Before you stuff it with hay, put the boots and gloves on the wetsuit and stick some wire through them to hold them on.

4. Stuff it with hay

5. Get that old plastic head that’s sitting in your loungeroom (or you might find one at a 2nd hand shop, or there’s new polystyrene ones at Spotlight type shops, but they’re not particularly great for the environment when theyre worn out. You could probably make a cool (and less bleedin-scary) head from a balloon, or a balloon paper-mache crafty effort, or just a plastic bag filled with hay.). Stick it in the neck hole. We shoved a stick down the body for the head to sit on so it didn’t loll around.


she’s so beautiful… in a completely horrific kinda way

6. Hang her from the zip cord and wave goodbye to those pesky birds (and door-to-door salespeople to hopefully!)